Documents required for Birth Certificate

Following documents/information are required for issuance of Birth Certificate:

  • Full Name of Father and Photo Copy of  National Identity Card No.
  • Name of Child
  • Sex of Child either Male of Female
  • Place of Birth, Date and Hour
  • Name of Hospital/Clinic and Doctor/midwife who attended the delivery (attested photo copy required)
  • Name and address of Mother and her National Identity Card No. or Nationality
  • Religion, Caste and Nationality of the Father Place of Residence and address of Father Occupation/Profession of the Father.
  • Name and Address of the Person Making Report.
  • Date of Report

For further information, contact:
Forces Estates
Office# 8, 1st Floor, Irfan Mansion, Block 1-X
F-10 Markaz, Islamabad - 44000 - PAKISTAN

Voice:+92 (51) 229 3081
Voice:+92 (51) 229 3082
Voice:+92 (51) 229 9445
Cell  :+92 (300) 8503081
Cell  :+92 (301) 8503081