CDA scores 60% in survey held to gauge citizens’ satisfaction
Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority (CDA) receives approval from 60% of residents in a poll held for measuring their good performance, news sources reported on Wednesday (October 06). Read: CDA generates almost double the expected revenue from plots auction The questions were asked about the various development projects and transparency and performance level exhibited in their execution. As many as 40% of the participants showed their dissatisfaction with the results and demanded more improvements. A further breakdown of the survey results is as follows: A total of 60% of respondents were happy with the questions asked concerning the upkeep of green areas in Islamabad and plant care A total of 60% of individuals are pleased with the CDA’s efforts to halt the occupancy and encroachment on government property 60% are pleased with the repair of sidewalks and lane marking 45% people said they were satisfied with waste disposal and timely collection 77% of the people were satisfied with the restoration and replacement of street lights 64% expressed satisfaction with cleanliness 34% with road drainage and road repairs Read: CDA to launch bus service, PC-1 approved Moreover, the CDA officials said that the authority will take every step to resolve the issues related to the development and beautification of the city.