Overseas Pakistani appeals to PM to reclaim property

PESHAWAR: An overseas Pakistani and resident of Mardan district, Mohammad Qayyum, has appealed to the prime minister to take action against his business partners for allegedly depriving him of his property through illegal means.

Speaking at a news conference in Peshawar Press Club on Monday, he said that he had purchased land and started constructing a hotel after an agreement with his partners but claimed that his business partners later started hurling threats at him and deprived him of his property.

He recalled that he submitted an application to the prime minister via a portal but after the intervention of high-ups and the decision of the DRC, his partners were still not ready to divide the restaurant into two because they wanted to usurp all his property.

The man said the influential people were now forcing him to leave the area instead of solving the problem. He appealed to the prime minister to provide him justice by ensuring he gets his rightful share from the powerful people and provide him security