Loan procurement for Ravi Riverfront project not in plans: Gill

Lahore: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill on Thursday stated that there is no plan to take a loan for the Ravi River Urban Development Project, according to news sources.

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Mr Shahbaz Gill stated that, unlike previous projects, the Ravi Riverfront project does not necessitate the use of a loan. I Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Vice Chairman Shaikh Muhammad Imran, and Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) Chairman Imran Amin, both favour the proposal. According to the special assistant, the Ravi Riverfront project is Pakistan’s first green city.

Furthermore, Special Assistant Shahbaz Gill said that the ‘Sapphire Bay’ will be developed by a partnership of 13 firms. The consortium agreement will be inked next week. In order to shed additional light on the project, he stated that the first phase will include the development of seven treatment facilities, three barrages, and forestation.

He emphasised that the project would be developed on 102,000 acres of land and will include 29 sections. The primary goal of the project is to address environmental issues, water scarcity, and uncontrolled growth.

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LDA Vice Chairman Shaikh Muhammad Imran, stated that the project will meet the city’s socioeconomic requirements while also creating job possibilities