CDA to be made more responsive to people

CDA is all set to make the Organization more responsive to people and improve interactive mediums with public. In this context several initiatives are being launched in July and August 2021.

Capita development authority to set up teams of citizens comprising traders, students and residents.

These teams would carry out inspection of work done and report back through CDA website.

These citizen volunteers will not only serve as a check on quality of work but also extend the outreach of management.

A form has been developed which will be circulated and citizens will examine works according checklist.

In addition to this the app “Lets fix Islamabad” will also be made functional by August 1, 2021 where people can snap and post any complaint related to Pot hole, kerbstone condition, parks, streetlights.

Furthermore CDA is also launching its call centre from August 2021, for increased interaction with public in our effort to make CDA more responsive.

The call Center will serve as complaint registration as well as complaint redressal mechanism. The call Center will provide update on applications submitted to CDA management.