Lahore commissioner reviews city beautification projects

Lahore: Lahore Commissioner Captain (retired) Muhammad Usman convened a meeting to review the projects aimed at enhancing the beauty of the provincial metropolis and boost tourism in the city, news sources reported.

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Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Director General Ahmad Aziz Tarar and other officials attended the meeting. The meeting went over the suggestions provided by 12 departments. Furthermore, the commissioner said that the road from Lahore Burj to Kharak is a potential road for creating a signal-free corridor.

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  • Moreover, the following suggestions were made during the meeting:
  • LDA is asked to hand over the road for the signal-free corridor to Municipal Corporation Lahore (MCL) that will complete its renovation and lighting work
  • Development of 35 new “selfie points” in various parts of the city to boost tourism
  • Electrical supply lines will be installed underground in new road constructions.
  • Improvements to service lanes, the implementation of safety features, and the enhancement of aesthetics of the city roads
  • Digital streamers to be installed on 29 corridors

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The meeting also designated 29 corridors in the city’s nine zones for beautification, with each agency assigned its own responsibility. A steering coordination committee with participation from all relevant departments would be formed for inter-departmental coordination. In addition to that, the Traffic Engineering & Planning Agency (TEPA) will redesign the traffic signals in the nine zones.