CDA to regularize businesses, illegal construction activities

Islamabad: Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Capital Development Authority (CDA) Affairs Ali Nawaz Awan on Friday said illegal construction activities in the capital should be regularized as a way of prompting ease of doing business, according to news sources.

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The SAPM made these remarks in a meeting with a delegation of the senior management of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI). He further said that CDA should find all options to regularize non-conforming businesses in the capital. 

Moreover, Mr Awan instructed the CDA to prepare a sector wise list of irregularities in cooperation with the ICCI and give timelines to all the businesses in breach of protocols.

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The ICCI delegation led by ICCI President Sardar Yasir Ilyas also informed the meeting about the negative impact of illegal business activity. The meeting also talked about how sealing non-conforming businesses might hinder business activity. Mr Illyas proposed for CDA to consider imposing a commercial activity charge for businesses conducting commercial activities on roofs and terraces.

Awan said that the authority will work within timelines to promote business activity in the capital, whereas the ICCI delegation presented proposals to regularize business activity while at the same time not disturbing the growth of economy in the backdrop of COVID-19.